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Our Vision

We aim to offer high speed trading options to the broader audience. Ever wondered how to get into tokens first or how to secure profits on every trade?

MarksmanSwap is here for you. 

About us

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We want to be fully transparent going forward with you.

When we first started trading crypto on DEXs like PancakeSwap and UniSwap we rapidly became aware of their limitations, and so the idea of using trading bots arose.

Our first interaction was not a success as many of you already know, this realm is full of unsecure sources and shady deals. 

So we gathered a team to build our own product. The team is composed of top tier devs working at global corporations in the field.

The admin team will be doxxed before launching the presale. 

As we move forward more updates will be deployed.

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Effortless trading at your fingertips.